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Quality Pet Pygmy Goats  


Ashworth's pygmy goat herd originated from the Vicarage farm pygmy goat herd. It is probably one of the largest breeding herds in the UK owned by Nicola and Paul Ashworth and their three children, consisting of between 20 to 50 pygmy goats.

Our kids are introduced to other animals very soon after birth as on the farm we have horses, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cats and of course the family dogs.

Pygmy goats breed all year round so we usually have young kids for sale. We can also supply some older goats for pets.

We have four stud males of differing coat and colour types. All our breeding females have excellent temperaments and have produced some beautiful kids; most have had twins with the occasional set of triplets. All our kids are wormed and their feet are trimmed prior to leaving us. All new owners are shown how to perform these tasks as part of our service.

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