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Quality Pet Pygmy Goats  


It is important that your goat is healthy. A healthy goat is bright eyed and takes a lively interest in there surroundings, the coat should be glossy and free from parasites. They should have a bounce in their step without any signs of lameness. A healthy goat passes small round pellets which resemble those of a rabbit. Pygmy goats are herd animals and prefer the company of other pygmy goats. Other animals such as chickens, ducks, horses, cows, dogs and cats are no substitute for another goat. Owning a Pygmy goat is a big responsibility so be prepared to spend time picking the right one for you.

Most people will choose a couple of kids to start with. But remember you may need to spend a lot of time getting them used to human contact. The older the goat the more human contact it would have had means that it can be very rewarding for the first time owner. Also they will be more used to being handled when foot trimming or worming is required.