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DEFRA Rules (UK)

Anyone intending to keep pygmy goats must register the place they are to be kept. This is known as the holding, and a holding number must be obtained from DEFRA. This applies even if you intend to only keep one or two pygmy goats in your back garden or an allotment. These rules are for traceability in the event of another outbreak of foot and mouth disease. In the past whole flocks of sheep and herds of goats were culled because the government were unable to trace where they had come from, these rules will ensure that any animal having moved from an infected herd or flock can be traced and the spread of infection halted.

We are unable and unwilling to supply a pygmy goat to anyone without having or applying for a holding number.

It all sounds a bit daunting but fear not we are here to help.

A simple telephone call to your local DEFRA office (listed in your phone book) to request a holding number is all it takes.

They will send you a form to fill out and return, its very simple all they require is the address the goat(s) will be kept at.

DEFRA will then send you a holding number.

Once you receive your holding number we can then complete the documentation to move your selected goats to your Holding.

You are then free to collect your goat(s) or alternatively we may be able to deliver.

Once your goat(s) reaches your holding a six day freeze on movement of the animals off the holding is then in force. (there are some exceptions which includes going to the Vet's).

There is no cost to you for any of the above procedures

These rules are temporary rules brought in to help the fight against foot and mouth. The rules are likely to be relaxed as the threat recedes.

These rules apply to the UK only. For information on importing Pygmy goats into your country please contact your local government department for animal welfare.