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The Goats Teeth

The goat only has incisors on the bottom jaw. The top jaw has a pad which the goat uses when browsing by biting with the teeth against this hard pad. The food is then passed to the molars to be crushed. Assisted by the tongue the food is then passed into the oesophagus and on to the stomach. By the age of one the goat would have grown a full set of teeth. There are six molars on either side in the lower and upper jaw, and eight incisors on the lower jaw making a total of thirty-two teeth in all. At one year the milk incisors are gradually replaced by permanent teeth, until by the time the goat is four and a half years old when it is known as full mouthed. The goat rips rather than bites and when browsing can be seen and heard to tear the vegetation from the ground.